"Chalkboards to Cheers" Night Celebrates Wilmington Teachers with Great Success

Team Blue, in partnership with DaMore Law and Scott Advisory Group, hosted the highly successful "Chalkboards to Cheers" event at the Red Heat Tavern on May 29th, celebrating the hardworking teachers of Wilmington. The evening was filled with laughter, camaraderie, and community spirit as educators from across the district came together to relax and be recognized for their dedication to shaping the future.

The event saw an impressive turnout, with teachers from all over Wilmington joining in the celebration. The highlight of the evening was a friendly competition among schools to see which could boast the best attendance. Woburn Street Elementary emerged victorious, with Shawsheen Elementary not far behind as the enthusiastic runner-up.

"We are thrilled with the success of this event and the opportunity it has provided to connect with and celebrate the educators in our community," said Lori Penney of Team Blue. "Teachers play such a crucial role in our society, and it was truly a pleasure tosee them enjoying a night off in their honor."

The event featured an array of appetizers, drinks, and activities designed to thank the teachers for their tireless efforts. Each attendee also received a special gift as a token of appreciation, further highlighting the community's gratitude towards these everyday heroes.

Team Blue extends a heartfelt thank you to DaMore Law and Scott Advisory Group for their generous support, which was instrumental in making the evening a memorable one for all attendees.

The success of "Chalkboards to Cheers" is a testament to the strength and spirit of the Wilmington educational community. Team Blue looks forward to hosting more events in the future and continuing to support the exceptional educators of Wilmington.

About Team Blue

Team Blue with ERA Key Realty Services is a dedicated group of real estate professionals in Wilmington, MA, known for their community involvement and commitment to excellence in real estate services. The team specializes in providing high-quality real estate services while actively engaging in community development and charitable activities. 

For more information on Team Blue’s services, contact Lori Penney at 978-375-2520 or [email protected], or visit the team’s Facebook and Instagram pages @TeamBlueRealEstate. 

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